Boost Up Top Teams

Investments made to help boost the present and next generation of entrepreneurship.
We are hands-off investors. But, when you need our help, we will be there for you.


Why Butt Ventures:

First, Butt Ventures is not just a VC that makes an investment. It's a mission. We're here to help people and businesses through entrepreneurship.

That being said…
Startups aren't an investment of money. They're an investment of sweat. There's pride on the line. We support your business, not your product. We invest in people, not products.

Also, we make investments in assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate.

We are a group of people with experience in creating and scaling products. We have experience with remote teams, hiring, and specialty in different segments such as Marketplaces, SaaS, and others.

Entrepreneurs can change the world.
And if we can, we'd like to help to make it happen.

What we look for:

  • - Startups that adds values to society
  • - Startups that are creating new value propositions and not just copying others
  • - Startups that have a crystal clear validation about the problem they are helping to solve
That can mean…
  • - Tools to improve productivity
  • - Products that opens up a whole new world for users
  • - Products with a high entry barrier
  • - Good addressable market

How do we invest:

  • - USD $10,000 – $30,000
  • - Preseed and seed
  • - Brazil but also Global (yes incl. Africa, LATAM, Asia, Oceania)
  • - We like to bring in other investors with us

How can we help:

  • - Product Management, Growth & Fundraising
  • - Network with leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and potential hires
  • - Leadership and management


  • - We invest in different stages
  • - Teams might pivot or launch something new. We´re ok with that as long it makes sense for the company
  • - Products might tackle the same problem from different angle
  • - We might end up investing in competitive startups

Who we invested in so far:

  • - Chatpay
  • - HomeAgent (via UrcaAngels)
  • - Jestor
  • - ... more to come

Stock market portfolio:

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